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Linux-tan comic, page 45 by BellaCielo Linux-tan comic, page 45 by BellaCielo
For more info on this comic series, see the first page.

For more info on this chapter see the first page of Chapter Four
Ice-rain-X Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2009
X-server does look like an egg... When are you going to draw the next page? Lol I'm anxious to read the next page.
BellaCielo Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm currently working on the next page, though I've been saying that for awhile now. Hopefully I'll get it finished soon. DX
Ice-rain-X Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2009
So when do you predict you will finish the next page? And what will happen in it?
BellaCielo Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hopefully soon... I can't give you an exact time, sorry. :(

And the reunion continues in the next page! And Linux-sama gets to see her old teacher, Minix-sensei. :)
C-quel Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2009  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
YES!!! Child-type characters FTW!! ^____^
Love this page, I shall.... ^.^

PANEL 1: Lesse... if I remember correctly....

We have the older Yggdrasil Linux-tan, with some pretty cool, bowl-shaped hair, and of course wings (a big must for Bella fans everywhere.... ^__^).

We have the younger Slackware-tan, who can be identified by the dark hair+ponytail and use of suspenders, essential for a young slacker in training. And apparently she broke the X server,... yet again.... ^.^

And we have the adorable, beret-wearing, cute-as-a-button-dunked-in-confectionery Red Hat-chan. Definitely my favorite, what with that innocent and curiously little expression that could rival the potential cuteness of 100 baby kittens in terms of shear kiloswoonage! Almost like Henrietta, but without inclinations of being a psycho... yet. ^________^

PANEL 2: I can kinda picture Y-chan as speaking with a heavier accent than most (definitely more than her mom, who I think we agreed before has a slight hint of Finnish inflection... ^.^). Kinda nice to see her easy-going spirit take after her mother -- in fact, that pose reminds me a lot of one Linux-sama struck in her meeting with Plan9-sama. ^^

PANEL 3: I take it Minix-sensei is perhaps just a tiny pinch on the strict side, no? ^___^
The shock expression is greatly excecuted -- you've definitely nailed that particular technique in its manga format. ^^

Oh, and on second thought... that X server looks like an egg. ^.^

PANEL 4: AH!!!!!!!! The kids are cussing!!!!!!!!!!!!! >>>>>>>>>>V<<<<<<<<<<
Quick! Grab the soap! ^0^

Between the charming little drunken sailor quarrel, the casual pose by an amused Linux-sama, and the gorgeous natural scenery, the panel does strike me as surprisingly homey. It makes it more of a shame that an army of Unixen are going to appear later on to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere. -.-

PANEL 5: Must be the hair or the almost penguin-like shirt+sweater combination, but she does strike me as more nature looking here. ^___^
Only gripe is with her left eye, since, given the position of her left hand, almost looks like shes pulling her eye lid down (like characters do in anime every time they stick out their tongue).

PANEL 6: Well, I have to say that, despite your own personal pet peeves, you do seem to draw children very very well. The body to head ratios are all spot on, and we definitely have the right combination of sass (=Y-chan), blank stares (Slack-chan), and just plain cute-bombs (=guess). Clearly they're not the first child-types in the story (2-chan took that title first, followed by Puppy-chan and Spring-chan), but hopefully we'll see more still. Regular kids (not to be confused with token child actors) help make the flavor of a story more full-bodied and realistic (depending on the scenario, of course), and certainly brings much smiles to devoted readers like yours truly. ^^
BellaCielo Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, Yggdrasil-tan. How I've managed to go so long without doing a fanart of her, I'll never know. I have always imagined that (earlier on) Ygg-tan would have been something of an "officer" under Linux-sama's command-- so any resemblances between her and her mother are a bit intentional.

Yes, you can identify Slackware-tan by her trademark overalls; but an easier way is to lookout for who's chasing after all those young Unixen! Bwhaha. XD

And now that you mention it, young RHL-tan is a bit Henrietta-esque, eh? ^^

As for Minix-sensei... I can't shake the feeling she's be a bit Pinako Rockbell-like when it came to disciplining the children. d:

And that X-server is actually a prized vase. ^^

I think I used to be better at drawing grown characters than child ones, but I guess with practice I leaned to draw them just as well.
Kattlanna Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2009
That is a cute scene! So much cuteness on this page! Linux-sama along with three of her oldest children; Yggdrasil Linux-chan (back when people knew of her whereabouts!), Slackware-chan(before she became the crazed Unix worshipper she is today!) and Red Hat Linux-chan (before she became the bold and crazy businesswoman!)

Panel 1 shows a good view of the kids and Yggdrasil Linux-chan seems to have an apprehensive look on her face!

Panel 2 shows a good view of her wings! :D

In the third panel, it looks like Slackware-chan realized that she screwed up big time and Minix-sensei is not someone to provoke!

Is that some Minix-sensei swearing up a storm in panel 4? BWAHAHAHA!!

Linux-sama looks very cute and sporty with a touch of elegance in panel 5!

And in panel 6 is another good view of her kids!
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