Deviant Login Shop  Join deviantART for FREE Take the Tour out my replies inbox. I have things there from two years ago. Literally, July 2012. Granted that was the year I developed borderline-crippling anxiety over (what turned out to be far less serious than expected) medical things and was all but inactive online, because who has time for the internet when you're incapacitated by low-grade psychological disorder? (It subsided for awhile after I had dental surgery in the fall, but then came back with a vengeance when I got fairly badly ill in the spring of 2013. And really hasn't been a problem since last spring, for what it's worth.) But I digress. While most of the replies are thank-you messages and other courtesies, others are conversation threads concluded or lost under heaps of other messages, some of which I'm tempted to reply to for ... various reasons. Even if it would confuse the hell out of the original posters, in all likelihood. A few are from old friends who've since left dA ... as trivial as it may sound, there are so many bittersweet memories, it hurts to just think about. 

On a totally unrelated note, I survived the New England Tornadocalypse. Even though it was more of a eight-hour-thunderstormegeddon where I live. 

Also I have to go to the dentist tomorrow. And have blood drawn for usual testing things. Should probably stop simmering-panicking over that and get to sleep...  

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Not a whole lot's happening on my end. I've been tasked with taking care of the family dog in my father's absence, which has resulted in my sleep schedule pretty much going to hell because she's decided to channel the spirit of a colicky baby/nocturnal animal and wake me up repeatedly during the night, every night. And bark at me nonstop if I try to take a nap during the day. Which I think is technically a form of torture under international law. Luckily I found a way to soothe her to sleep, but I have to leave the TV on all night and sneak into bed without her noticing ... 

In less terrible news my website is coming along slowly (and hopefully "surely"). I think I have a basic layout figured out, now I'm focusing mostly on making it look good and not like something designed by a 12 year old on Geocities or an atrociously flashy tumblr theme. On a related note, do any of my readers know if there's a simple way to scale down images by percentage that ISN'T dependent on window size? Or is it just easier to scale them by width/height? I ask because I'm making an image gallery and I'd like to code the gallery stylesheet in a way that automatically scales the pictures to whatever-percentage of the original image size, rather than resize the images one by one in the HTML. (Hopefully that question is decipherable — idk if I explained it well.)

In other news ... I really want to put something together for the first anniversary of me getting my shit together art-wise (since that happened about this time last year), maybe I'll do one of those massive art-improvement-over-the-years memes (pictured below), some more redo pieces or perhaps I'll just write about it here. Dunno yet. Unrelated, but I'm ALSO still deliberating throwing together an art/ask tumblr.

...actually, I'm starting to think I'm not unmotivated, I'm just motivated in about a dozen different directions at once.
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In sets of three, as usual:

1) Noooooooo, MORNING MATH CLASSES. WHYYYYYY. I can barely remember how to tie my shoelaces at 8AM. HOW AM I EXPECTED TO SOMEHOW GET READY, DRIVE TO CLASS AND NOT PASS OUT WITHIN THE FIRST FEW MINUTES. AAAAH. Also I'm a pathological night-owl, I'm extremely lucky if I can get to sleep by 2AM. So I have to do ALL THIS ON 6 HOURS OF SLEEP ... and that's a generous estimate.

2) My computer's HDD is neeeeearly full, which means I have to start moving some of the bigger files onto my 1TB drive (current Time Machine drive) and set up the not-yet-opened-3TB drive as the new backup drive ... OH GOD, TEDIOUS FILE-SHUFFLING WORK. HOW DO FIND THE WILL?

3) Doctor's appointment tomorrow. OH GOD. Possibly shots. And/or a blood test. AAAAAAH. I mean I should really go because I haven't had a checkup in ages, not to mention I accidentally cut my leg awhile back and I'd like to have it looked at by a medical professional ... but I'm still scared, white-coat panic and all. 

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On a happier note I want to thank everyone who offered me help and advice on the website-building front!  I had no idea where to start before, but I feel like I can actually get this done now! If only I can decide on a theme / layout for the site ... 

Pretty sure the hunt for a suitable set of fonts alone is gonna slow me down by a few weeks. (There are just so many nice fonts out there, how do I chooooooose?)
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So a couple things have happened and I'm considering trying my hand at website-creation. I've made websites in the very distant past so most of what I know is woefully outdated. There are two different projects I'm considering: a portfolio-type website for my works and a webpage for my dad's business.

Considering building a personal website because there's been an uptick in interest in my art (photography in particular) among friends and family and other people I don't necessarily want snooping around my dA and I'd like to be able to refer them there. Plus it'd be good for future freelance work opportunities. As for a website for my dad's business, he's offered to pay me to build one for him, and that's really all the motivation I need. Both would be fairly simple, I suppose, but the problem is I'm not really sure where to start.

To my dA friends who have done stuff of this nature, do you have any recommendations for learning resources? Decently-priced web hosting? General tips/things to look out for?
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Hi dA friends! I'm back from vacation but still in the process of getting back into my usual routine. There are a bunch of comments and replies I need to answer, and I still owe a couple reviews as well — don't fear, I haven't forgotten about them. ^^; 

Life feels boring now that the excitement of traveling and whatnot has passed. Don't know why but I'm usually very relaxed on vacation, when I'm at home I tend to run a lot hotter, so to speak, even if there's nothing particularly stressful going on. I'd like to think that being on vacation affords me a chance to not only get away from my usual surroundings, but also a chance to take a "vacation away from myself" — silly as that may seem. 

My plan to work through my reading backlog didn't go entirely as I wished, mostly because I spent a lot less time hiding behind a screen or the pages of a book than I imagined initially. Did get about halfway through Iono The Fanatics and various one-shots. Also started re-reading cptlfrghtr's stories (it's been awhile — not since they were first posted in some cases) and checking out Samantha-Wright's writings too. ^.^

Not gonna lie, it felt a little strange picking up a tablet pen and trying to draw after a week away, but I think I managed to regain my coordination in full. Still considering doing some "redeux" pieces and maybe a few of those now-and-then memes — if only I can find some old pieces I like enough to remake. 

On an entirely unrelated, inspired-by-current-iTunes-listening-note, why is it I find these songs so damn addictive? 
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Tomorrow I head home. Expect more regular posting/replies then!
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Good god this trip was terrible.

New York was uglier than I remembered but Ohio was surprisingly pretty. What gives?

Also thank you CBC for keeping me sane during the last part of the trip.

Hopefully this bed won't screw up my back. I swear it's stuffed with PAIN and DISCONTENT.
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So my trip got delayed by a few days for family illness reasons. Probably for the best, since I wasn't as well-prepared as I'd have liked to be. Now, at least, I have plenty of reading materials for the trip / to bury myself behind if I don't feel like interacting. In e-book and physical form. (I just hope dad doesn't mind I put 2+ GB of manga on his Kindle, ahahaha.)

Speaking of which, finally took the plunge and bought the Galaxy S5. Enjoying it so far but I'm feeling a little freaked out since this is the first 'contemporary' smartphone I've owned. It's also a bit big for my tiny pianist hands/fingers, hopefully I'll develop the strength/coordination to operate it. 

In other news, probably going to do a small sketch dump between now and my departure this weekend. 
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Next week I'm going on a trip. Not calling it a "vacation" since I'm actually dreading going, because there's nothing fun about 12 hour car trips through the Rust Belt or rural Michigan or being stuck in a cottage with passive-aggressive midwesterners. Also the last three times I've traveled there I've become oh-hell-I-am-going-to-die-level sick. And was almost blown up/set ablaze in an amateur fireworks accident. It's a string of bad luck I can only attribute to pissing off some wrathful midwestern spirits.

Might be picking up that Galaxy S5 after the weekend though. Still feeling a little sad about retiring Lina I but it's had a good run. Also I live in a constant state of annoyance/acceptance with it, which is probably a sign I should upgrade. Stupid emotional attachments to electronics!
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I wanted to bump that old journal off my profile since the issue's been resolved.

There's still an old request I have to finish and post, but I'm not sure what I'll work on after that. Probably random sketches and whatnot as usual. I'm also thinking of perhaps coloring some favorite old sketches of mine, and maybe even redoing some old pieces. We'll see!

In other news, I'm considering getting a Galaxy S5. My Galaxy S is super slow and some of its buttons don't work, but it works just well enough for me to feel hesitant about upgrading. :|
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How long has the Deviant ID "bio" section had this dreadful automatic center-alignment? I just took a look at my profile to admire my artfully-arranged stamp collection when BAM, I was hit over the head with a bag-full of ugly. It really only looks "right" when my browser window is resized to ~960px wide — about one-half of my 1920x1200 monitor — so I wonder if this is an attempt to make DeviantArt display better on smaller resolution screens. (Which I didn't even know was a problem before, because it's always looked fine on my 1300some x 700some laptop.)

Well, off to rearrange my bio/stamps so they look decent. /sigh
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Finals are over ... looking back I'm really happy with my algebra class, C++ programming class and photography class, but I'm disappointed with creative writing. I can't say I subscribe to a belief in the supernatural but Game Programming definitely has me wondering if my team was cursed by a wrathful deity.* At least I got through it ... 

Now I have to figure out what to do with my summer vacation. >>

*Not really.
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...until the end of semester. 

I actually had a fun with my classes this year (excluding game programming, which kind of turned shitshow once my team abandoned ship) and learned a lot but I'm really looking forward to not having anything to do for a change. u.u

More regular updates / replies should resume then! (Unless I pass out for like a week afterward.)
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I've had a lot on my plate school-wise AND real-life-in-general wise so that leaves precious little time for significant art-ing. And replying to comments and stuff here. One of these days I'm going to try to get all my comment threads replied to, sorry if I've left anyone hanging! 

On a happier note I re-dyed my hair again ... still red, because red just suits me way too well to change it. :paranoid:
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It's That Magical Time of the Year...

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 10:13 AM
...When dA tosses us a free premium membership for a day and I recoil in horror as I browse through the 4-year-old stamps in my side-bar.



Also I may be bombarding everyone with polls. Just a heads-up.

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I hope everyone out there got through Aprils Fools' Day relatively unscathed! 

Is it just me or has DeviantArt's Aprils Fools' Day game gotten kinda weak in recent years? Like remember that time they replaced everyone's avatars and signatures with Twilight / Lady Gaga / some-other-things-I-can't-remember stuff? And everyone flipped their lids over it? Yeah ... that was the good stuff. 

It feels appropriate to mention I managed to go out sunbathing today, despite there being 1+ foot of snow on the ground. Yay unseasonably warm weather! 
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People with pending requests, I haven't forgotten about you — I just haven't had the chance to draw for awhile. I've been busy with lots of homework, stressing over the re-disappearance of my teammate and Visual Studio uncooperative among other things. The paper presentation went alright though, by which I mean everyone looked bored while I talked about women in gaming, because I don't know how to quit sociology.

I also have the annoying urge to redo some old drawings ... oh joy. 
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... I finally got around to watching it. In my defense, the nearest cinema is an hour away and I assumed it'd already left theaters. Like, in January.  I was planning on catching it on DVD and was very surprised to see it still playing when I went by the theater today! (My father, who ended up being dragged along, was ... less enthused. Then again he has about as much tolerance for whimsy and singing as a 97-year-old Calvinist minister, so I'm not surprised.)

It was amazing and I feel bad about not seeing it sooner! [sentences self to 1 million years dungeon]
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dA ate the first and second drafts of this journal so if, like, four copies of this end up in your inbox, I apologize!)

Stupid strenuous snowboarding. How my arms can be so sore eludes me, I didn't even crash or anything.

Sometimes I think I may be one of the only people who find academic papers "fun" ... I have to be careful on research databases, otherwise I end up way off course reading all sorts of stuff completely irrelevant to what I'm supposed to be writing about. 

Finally got some stamps up, hopefully they're tasteful and not overly garish or distracting ... I may add more, and make a few of my own since there seem to be some things missing from dA. 
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So I'm going to try to chop through my backlog of requested / suggested / trade, etc. art. And maybe post some of the drawings that have been piling up in my art folder. Because there are ... a few.  

Expect things, PentiumMMX and ChozoPrime and Samantha-Wright
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