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I've had a lot on my plate school-wise AND real-life-in-general wise so that leaves precious little time for significant art-ing. And replying to comments and stuff here. One of these days I'm going to try to get all my comment threads replied to, sorry if I've left anyone hanging! 

On a happier note I re-dyed my hair again ... still red, because red just suits me way too well to change it. :paranoid:
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It's That Magical Time of the Year...

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 10:13 AM
...When dA tosses us a free premium membership for a day and I recoil in horror as I browse through the 4-year-old stamps in my side-bar.



Also I may be bombarding everyone with polls. Just a heads-up.

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I hope everyone out there got through Aprils Fools' Day relatively unscathed! 

Is it just me or has DeviantArt's Aprils Fools' Day game gotten kinda weak in recent years? Like remember that time they replaced everyone's avatars and signatures with Twilight / Lady Gaga / some-other-things-I-can't-remember stuff? And everyone flipped their lids over it? Yeah ... that was the good stuff. 

It feels appropriate to mention I managed to go out sunbathing today, despite there being 1+ foot of snow on the ground. Yay unseasonably warm weather! 
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People with pending requests, I haven't forgotten about you — I just haven't had the chance to draw for awhile. I've been busy with lots of homework, stressing over the re-disappearance of my teammate and Visual Studio uncooperative among other things. The paper presentation went alright though, by which I mean everyone looked bored while I talked about women in gaming, because I don't know how to quit sociology.

I also have the annoying urge to redo some old drawings ... oh joy. 
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... I finally got around to watching it. In my defense, the nearest cinema is an hour away and I assumed it'd already left theaters. Like, in January.  I was planning on catching it on DVD and was very surprised to see it still playing when I went by the theater today! (My father, who ended up being dragged along, was ... less enthused. Then again he has about as much tolerance for whimsy and singing as a 97-year-old Calvinist minister, so I'm not surprised.)

It was amazing and I feel bad about not seeing it sooner! [sentences self to 1 million years dungeon]
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dA ate the first and second drafts of this journal so if, like, four copies of this end up in your inbox, I apologize!)

Stupid strenuous snowboarding. How my arms can be so sore eludes me, I didn't even crash or anything.

Sometimes I think I may be one of the only people who find academic papers "fun" ... I have to be careful on research databases, otherwise I end up way off course reading all sorts of stuff completely irrelevant to what I'm supposed to be writing about. 

Finally got some stamps up, hopefully they're tasteful and not overly garish or distracting ... I may add more, and make a few of my own since there seem to be some things missing from dA. 
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So I'm going to try to chop through my backlog of requested / suggested / trade, etc. art. And maybe post some of the drawings that have been piling up in my art folder. Because there are ... a few.  

Expect things, PentiumMMX and ChozoPrime and Samantha-Wright
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Apparently, thumbs work in deviantIDs even without a subscription (THANKS FOR MENTIONING THIS, DEVIANTART), which means I can use stamps in mine ...

Should I attempt to maintain SOME semblance of dignity on my profile? Or fill it up with tiny, garish badges announcing my fandoms, causes and interests for all the world to see?

This is the question I must ask myself.
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*Because "photography" and "productivity" and "picture dumps" wouldn't fit in the title. 

Artistically-speaking, it feels like the more I have to do the more I want to do. I'm never very productive when I don't have a lot on my plate. I wonder why.

C++ class is fun, game programming is full of terror and looming deadlines and no productivity because 1/3rd of our team is missing, 1/3rd is going through serious personal stuff and another 1/3rd has no idea what they're doing. We're also working in C# as a reminder that escape from Microsoft is unavoidable, apparently. I dunno, I just want to learn as much as I can and then do a bunch of programming stuff on my own time over summer break.

I continue to approach poetry with a mix of excitement and anxiety, although overall it's more fun than expected. I kinda want to write slam poetry about gender/sexuality/feminism stuff. Because I have a lot to say on those topics, but no creative outlets to express it through. Unless you count talking to friends as a creative outlet.

Photography class is a lot of fun and I've managed to get some cool shots for it, after the semester I will probably end up posting some of the best here. 
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In honor of the 7th anniversary of my joining dA I may put together an "old art I never got around to posting" dump or something. 

Also thinking of doing one of those art progress memes. Or making up one of my own ... dunno yet. 
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Class was cancelled for the first time this semester. Wheeeee! More time to finish my photography homework! 

Speaking of winter things ... anyone else keeping up with the Olympics? And on that note: Anyone else feeling disoriented over the Winter Olympics being held in a temperate resort region?

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February 20th will be my seven year dA anniversary, making this the website I've been longest continually active on by quite a margin. I was practically an infant when I joined but it still makes me feel old ....... >>

Also i find it amusing that I'm taking like 3 art-related classes and none of them involve drawing/painting. (Although that will probably come up in game programming when we start working on the art for our project.) I'm learning a lot about photography and creative writing though! 

But.... but ... I have to write poetryyyyy. .//////.
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How's it going everybody? (   ͡°  ͜ʖ  ͡°)

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.......Because I really haven't had much to say. Most of my random thoughts end up on OSC or Tumblr anyway.

Anyway, I've been awoken from my journal-making slumber by discovering that Dear Princess Twilight by BellaCielo has made Equestria Daily's Drawfriend Stuff #716. I'd like to thank whoever made this happen, I'm sick and having a terrible day and this really brightened my evening!

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My face when....

Wed May 30, 2012, 9:28 PM
I checked my inbox and saw that doctormo gifted me a 1-year subscription.

I couldn't have been more surprised! Thank you so much! :D

*Sets to work on thank-you gift*

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In case any of my dA friends/watchers want to stalk me elsewhere, my personal tumblr is

I haven't posted any personal art there yet, but who knows, I might in the future...
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I mean, can you change it back if you decide the new one "doesn't work"?

I'm thinking of getting a different username, mostly because my current one sounds too girlish/outdated. .__.

EDIT: Ohhhhhh never mind it's only available to premium users.

I don't like complaining about features that aren't available to non-premium users, but: really, Deviantart? You can't even offer a tumblr level of service to your non-paying users? -_-
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I think I had some kind of mild psychological break sometime last week, I have a couple wisdom teeth coming in and that + fears about getting them out + having to wait like five days to see my dentist about it drove me slightly closer to insanity (or, at least some kind of severe anxiety disorder) than I was before.

I guess all my worry was for naught (or completely founded, depending on your POV) because it turns out I can't have my wisdom teeth taken out (at least not without running the high risk of screwing up my entire face) because their roots are abnormally close to the nerve in my jaw... FML. (Or at least FMTeeth). So I just have to wait and hope that they continue to come in on a straight path. :z

This is all kind of personal but I thought I'd let you guys know what's been going on with me. Anyway, before this journal becomes too grim, I have managed to work on some artwork since I last posted here (including finishing up some ancient drawings), and also took a trip to Providence a few days ago. I didn't spend as much time as I'd have liked to, but I managed to get some shots around town, so I'll be posting those here soon.
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I haven't been doing anything productive lately, either artistically or with my life in general... I kinda feel terrible about it.

In case you were wondering why I'm so slow to reply/comment/upload things these days. >>;
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'Cause I've been having a bit of drawer's block lately and have always felt regretful for not fleshing out my New England-tan characters.

I want to be careful though, avoiding making them sue-ish or playing into (too many) stereotypes about their states, cause sueish or highly stereotyped state characters tend to annoy me. I also want to avoid making them too much like other peoples' characters of those states, since there are some traits that seem to be prevalent among certain state-tans ... though in some cases, it may be unavoidable, given that those traits are based on facts or popular perceptions of states (like Massachusetts being well-educated or NH or VT being outdoorsy).
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